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29 January 2014

New York Times People's Republic of China Comsec

Related NYT report on PRC expelling reporter:

This does not preclude more private and secure comsec methods which are quite likely.

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Type bits/keyID     Date       User ID

pub  2048R/D4C63D3E 2014-01-28 DING tianran <>
	 Fingerprint=D350 40F2 524F EF44 DC91  F618 E1E3 A984 D4C6 3D3E 

pub  2048R/244ADB8F 2014-01-16 Apuzzo, Matt <>
	 Fingerprint=C25D AFA9 BDE4 0BC9 5866  2F22 4187 14DF 244A DB8F 

Not yet reported as PRC based, included here as welcome to NYT comsec.

pub 2048R/4727E69D 2013-12-24 Chris Buckley <> Fingerprint=C240 FCF4 D838 C5E0 1C3A 2CD6 9AC9 2781 4727 E69D [Banned by PRC]
pub  2048R/69043294 2013-12-21 Chris Buckley <>
	 Fingerprint=3195 4E38 3C13 3A4D 1A0E  8073 91A5 01F7 6904 3294 
[Banned by PRC]
pub 2048R/DC4DB3F5 2013-11-14 Haitao Li <> Fingerprint=CACD BA38 24C0 080C 63F9 712A FB41 4ED7 DC4D B3F5

pub  2048R/4913826A 2013-09-24 Wang Qiang <>
	 Fingerprint=3D68 0524 96E8 CA5D 0789  F793 0147 349E 4913 826A 

pub  4096R/AD1AD032 2013-07-20 Rajiv Pant <> [VP Sysadmin]
                               Rajiv Pant <>
	 Fingerprint=30EA 07E8 339D 7D34 B520  F7C9 6AE2 C47A AD1A D032 

pub  2048R/BAC9F9AF 2013-04-18 Richard Sun <>
	 Fingerprint=7695 D197 404A 7D40 5271  55AD AFC5 3FE0 BAC9 F9AF 

pub  2048R/59DB708E 2013-04-07 *** KEY REVOKED *** [not verified]
                               Yimeng Chen <>
                               Yimeng Chen <>
	 Fingerprint=343B B037 C848 6ACD D7CD  3367 0BB8 3E73 59DB 708E 

pub  2048R/9389A179 2013-03-13 Phil Pan <>
	 Fingerprint=DA67 B408 E60A 23B7 C97D  6BC4 A84F D83B 9389 A179 

Pan, NYT Beijing, is threatened with ban.

pub 2048R/F13E31ED 2013-01-31 Darren Qiao <> Fingerprint=5969 4956 0086 AAC2 8BB2 D331 192C 0E79 F13E 31ED

pub  2048R/0D7832C7 2013-01-31 jack yang <>
	 Fingerprint=DA6B A95A 9404 80AD EDAB  45D6 07CC 1D7D 0D78 32C7 

pub  2048R/31D5DE9C 2013-01-31 gao ya <>
	 Fingerprint=CF02 0408 5A68 9BC8 28E8  D6C6 AA9B 449F 31D5 DE9C 

pub  2048R/E8130AA8 2013-01-31 gao ya <>
	 Fingerprint=A492 2F0C ABB8 7829 9A9E  DC6B EC95 142F E813 0AA8 

pub  2048R/758F34AE 2013-01-31 Jinting Zhu <>
	 Fingerprint=7D98 562D F0F9 4EB6 CFCF  1E1C 2F4A 7198 758F 34AE 

pub  2048R/ED9559BC 2013-01-29 yimengnyttest <>
	 Fingerprint=C2A7 FC3F AEE4 1EEB 57BE  F9F8 9A75 2463 ED95 59BC 

pub  2048R/4B678304 2013-01-10 Yimeng Chen <>
	 Fingerprint=A046 CA40 99BC 1CD8 FD6B  AF7C CB5C AA14 4B67 8304 

pub  2048R/77CF4CB9 2012-11-28 Yan Li <>
	 Fingerprint=0783 4E62 E87A 9CA4 626B  9AA4 E2D5 0D80 77CF 4CB9 

pub  2048R/4C081619 2012-11-28 Eric Yang <>
	 Fingerprint=E1F4 9D4C CF8B 14B1 F0FC  982A E2B2 9156 4C08 1619 

pub  2048R/1A11D961 2012-11-28 Thomas Zhang <>
	 Fingerprint=C756 3BEB CAF1 5A3B B657  B99E 8354 A171 1A11 D961 

pub  2048R/66F60C1C 2012-11-27 YImeng Chen <>
	 Fingerprint=FBC4 6AF1 53F2 27D3 7F95  EFB2 ECDC B4A3 66F6 0C1C 

pub  2048R/FD6C1A6C 2013-06-12 Philip P. Pan (Disregard all previous keys.) <>
                               Philip P. Pan (Disregard all previous keys.) <>
	 Fingerprint=A556 C5BA 10F5 03AA 2A78  8489 64AD 8192 FD6C 1A6C 

Pan, NYT Beijing, is threatened with ban.

pub 2048R/907AB2D3 1997-06-03 Patrick E. Tyler <> <> Fingerprint=29 C6 3B C4 E4 A5 D7 07 87 A1 60 F1 BF B2 61 4E